New Info About Outcast Nation

As you know Outcast Nation begins taping January 6, 2020 but did you also know that is James Durbin’s birthday? That being said, during Outcast Nation you will get to see us celebrate James Durbin’s birthday during Outcast Nation. We also have a lot of things planned we are going to do during Outcast Nation and the year 2020.

As we previously stated via social media, Outcast Nation will air in 2021 on YouTube. While there is no set air date for Outcast Nation yet, we will be airing a new episode every week on a Friday. Outcast Nation will be a 2 full seasons long on YouTube. Each season will have 30 episodes and each episode will be 30 minutes in length.

With this being said, why is it premiering on YouTube you may ask? We are premiering Outcast Nation on YouTube because the content we want to show is too big for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We will, however, be promoting the show via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As part our promoting Outcast Nation, we will release small clips of Outcast Nation the week of or week before that week’s episode airs. These clippings will be released via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Furthermore, content is fully behind the scenes as the show will not be scripted. In other words, what you see is what you get. You will get to see what we do at The Outcast Club to get content out there. You will see how we make our YouTube videos and how we make our podcasts. You will even get to see things such as website editing, how we make our thumbnails, how we make our banners, how we do our profile pictures, how we do our photos, how we do our photos an

d how post on our social media. You will even get to see Smart Post App featured in Outcast Nation. As in you will even get a full behind scenes look at Smart Post App such as how Smart Post App works and how we use Smart Post App in typical day to day basis!

As you can see, there is a lot that will be happening during Outcast Nation. We are currently in the planning phase for Outcast Nation. This planning phase is almost done! With that being said we cannot wait for taping to begin and are definitely getting hyped for Outcast Nation!

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